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January 2010 - Columbia Cycle Works, LLC, Launches the Tripod in Portland, Oregon.

Sunday, 15 November, 2009, 11/15/09

In January 2010, Columbia Cycle Works, LLC, launched the Tripod fully enclosed pedal c

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January 2010 - Columbia Cycle Works, LLC, Launches the Tripod in Portland, Oregon. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 15 November 2009 22:27

In January 2010, Columbia Cycle Works, LLC, launched the Tripod fully enclosed pedal commuting trike in Portland, Oregon.  The Tripod has a hard-shell full fairing covering over a recumbent tadpole trike design.  The Tripod is pedal operated with a 500Watt electrical assist motor.  Because it is a bike, it can be operated in all bike lanes and bike paths.  No license or insurance is required.  Although there are other fully enclosed trikes out there, the Tripod is different in the following key aspects:

            Cost.  The Tripod is priced lower than any European, American or Canadian competitor products.

            Safety.  The Tripod’s upright seating position, bright colors and lighting make easy to be seen and noticed.  The Tripod comes with a bright orange whip safety flag, two bright LED headlights, turn signals, rear flashing red safety light and horn.  It also comes with a windshield wiper and ample ventilation with two opening side windows, two pop vents and a sunroof.
            Styling.  Simply put the Tripod is stylish.  The sporty lines are reminiscent of the classic British sports cars.  The Tripod is way cooler looking than the clunky and/or hot dog shaped competition.

            Visibility.  Unlike many competitor models, the Tripod has excellent all around visibility.  The upright sitting position gives a much greater level of situational awareness and comfort than the uneasy “on your back” feeling of other model trikes.

            Commitment to Sustainability.   Because the Tripod’s batteries can be charged from sustainable energy sources, you can commitment to be 100% carbon neutral in your short range transportation needs.  We will also plant ten trees in your name through the Arbor Day Foundation for every Tripod purchased to further offset production costs.

            The Tripod can be seen on the commuting bike paths of Portland, Oregon and on the following youtube video.  The Tripod will also be on display at the upcoming Portland Bike Show on April 10th and 11th, 2010. 
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The Tripod – The Cool, Comfortable and Sustainable Way to Bike

1. Easy and Comfortable to Use.
The Tripod comes fully assembled and is easy to use. Pop the hatch, hop in, close the hatch and off you go.

2. Economical and Sustainable.
The Tripod is lightweight, thus maximizing energy efficiency. The only cost to operate the Tripod is the minimal cost of recharging your batteries for pennies a day. The electricity to charge the batteries can be purchased or produced from sustainable renewable energy sources such as wind or solar, making the vehicle 100% sustainable. Not driving your car to work will save over 2 tons of carbon dioxide yearly from polluting the planet.

3. Affordable.
The savings in gas and monthly parking charges alone will pay for the Tripod itself in less than 18 months.

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