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January 2010 - Columbia Cycle Works, LLC, Launches the Tripod in Portland, Oregon.

Sunday, 15 November, 2009, 11/15/09

In January 2010, Columbia Cycle Works, LLC, launched the Tripod fully enclosed pedal c

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Easy and Comfortable to Use

Affordable and Sustainable

Bike to Work or Around Town

Go Green, Go Now

Don’t Sweat or Get Wet


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General Safety Tips

General Safety Tips

1. Use common sense when operating the Tripod as you would with any pedal operated vehicle. Comply with all traffic and bicycling safety laws.  You should contact your local authorities for more specific information about such laws.
2. Always wear a CPSC approved helmet.
3. Ride in the bike lane or, if one is not available, on the side of the road going in the same direction as the traffic and in single file.
4. Always use your turn signals.
5. Be alert at all times, especially watch for cars pulling out into traffic or for opening doors.
6. Inspect your Tripod before every ride. Make sure all nuts, bolts and/or quick release levers are securely tightened. Check your tire pressure and brakes for proper operation.  Ensure the battery is fully charged.
7. Use extreme caution when riding in wet, icy or otherwise hazardous conditions.

Night Riding Tips.

1. Always operate the Tripod with the headlights and rear flasher at night.
2. Always use your turn signals.
3. Ride with extreme caution. Be alert for cars, pedestrians, runners and other bicyclists. Ride defensively and watch for road hazards which may not be as visible at night.

Wet and Icy Weather Safety Tips.

1. Wet or muddy rims and brakes may increase the distance needed to safely stop, therefore, slow down during wet weather. Reduce your speed and take corners slowly and carefully.
2.  Sudden or hard application of the brakes on wet or icy pavement or loose gravel can cause the wheels to lock up and skid, resulting in possible loss of control.  Reduce your speed and take corners slowly and careful.


The Tripod – The Cool, Comfortable and Sustainable Way to Bike

1. Easy and Comfortable to Use.
The Tripod comes fully assembled and is easy to use. Pop the hatch, hop in, close the hatch and off you go.

2. Economical and Sustainable.
The Tripod is lightweight, thus maximizing energy efficiency. The only cost to operate the Tripod is the minimal cost of recharging your batteries for pennies a day. The electricity to charge the batteries can be purchased or produced from sustainable renewable energy sources such as wind or solar, making the vehicle 100% sustainable. Not driving your car to work will save over 2 tons of carbon dioxide yearly from polluting the planet.

3. Affordable.
The savings in gas and monthly parking charges alone will pay for the Tripod itself in less than 18 months.

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