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January 2010 - Columbia Cycle Works, LLC, Launches the Tripod in Portland, Oregon.

Sunday, 15 November, 2009, 11/15/09

In January 2010, Columbia Cycle Works, LLC, launched the Tripod fully enclosed pedal c

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Easy and Comfortable to Use

Affordable and Sustainable

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1. What is the Tripod shell made of?

The Tripod shell is made from a composite reinforced polymer material. It is tough, durable and lightweight.

2. Does it have a windshield wiper?


3. How do you get in and out of it?

As you can see from the posted photographs and video, you first open the hood which is held open by two gas struts. You then step onto the non-skid step in front of the seat and sit down on the seat. The hood is then pulled down and latched, brakes are released, motor and lights switched to on, and you are ready to go. You reverse the process to exit.

4. Does the top come off?

Yes, the hard-shell hood can be removed for summer months and with a convenient skirt cover installed over the opening.

5. Do I need a license or insurance to operate the Tripod?

No. It is a bike.

6. How do you lock it at your destination?

When you get to your destination, you get out and lock the hood with a built-in keyed lock. The windows and sunroof lock from the inside. You then lock the Tripod as you would any bike to a suitable secure post or railing with a bike lock with a cable running through the frame.

7. How big is the motor?

The motor is 500 Watt which is big enough to get you up and down hills and where you need to go with little or no sweat.

8. How do you charge the batteries?

There is a retractable electrical cord that comes out of the side of the Tripod much like a retractable cord of on a vacuum cleaner. Simply plug it in to any standard 120 Volt outlet. The charger is already installed therefore the batteries will charge once you plug it in.

9. Are the batteries provided?

No. Given the regulations and continuing advancements in battery technologies, it is better to order your batteries directly from the distributor. As batteries become cheaper and better with longer range, you can replace them without replacing the bike. The battery compartment provides ample space to handle a wide variety of batteries. For example, for commutes under 5 miles, standard sealed lead acid batteries can often be used. These batteries can be purchase rather cheaply at places like Batteries Plus. The Tripod comes with easy installation instructions for most configurations. More expensive (and longer range) batteries can also be purchased from providers in the US or China. These batteries can give extended ranges of 25 to 30 miles and up. We can provide you with the exact dimensions and wiring configurations for your battery order.

10. How fast does the Tripod go?

Speed limits for power assisted bikes are often set by the individual states. In general, most states require that that the maximum speed not exceed 20 mph. For this reason, as well as safety we recommend that you do not exceed the local limits and in no event exceed 20 mph.

11. Can I pick a color?

The Tripod comes in three primary colors including Canary Yellow, Tangerine Orange and Lime Green. We will also consider special orders for paint.

12. How do I order and how long does it take?

Because Tripods are made to order, completion usually takes two to three weeks from the time of Order. Also, because they are made to Order a one-half purchase price non-refundable deposit must be received with the Order. The remaining balance is due at the time of shipment. All purchases are handled by certified check or through Paypal.

13. How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs vary. Pick-up in Portland, Oregon and the surrounding area is free. If we need to ship we charge $200 for the packing in addition to standard ground shipment which usually run around $300 to $400 for domestic delivery within the continental US. Exact charges will be calculated at the time of order.


The Tripod – The Cool, Comfortable and Sustainable Way to Bike

1. Easy and Comfortable to Use.
The Tripod comes fully assembled and is easy to use. Pop the hatch, hop in, close the hatch and off you go.

2. Economical and Sustainable.
The Tripod is lightweight, thus maximizing energy efficiency. The only cost to operate the Tripod is the minimal cost of recharging your batteries for pennies a day. The electricity to charge the batteries can be purchased or produced from sustainable renewable energy sources such as wind or solar, making the vehicle 100% sustainable. Not driving your car to work will save over 2 tons of carbon dioxide yearly from polluting the planet.

3. Affordable.
The savings in gas and monthly parking charges alone will pay for the Tripod itself in less than 18 months.

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